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​We have established this San Francisco Bay Area pest control company over a decade ago to provide the most effective and efficient means to resolve a growing urban wildlife and nuisance bird problem in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have grown from just resolving residential client's pest control problems in San Jose and surrounding areas to resolving some of the toughest wildlife and nuisance bird control problems for industrial and commercial clients. We pride ourselves in successfully resolving each individual and unique pest problems. No two pest problems are exactly the same and our thorough inspections will deem the proper solution or tactics for these problems. 
Our technicians are licensed with the Department of Pesticides Regulations (DPR), Structural Pest Control Board, and the Department of Fish and Game. Each technician is required to take numerous hours of continued education to renew these licenses and stay on top of the changing industry and safety standards. 

ABC Animal & Bird Control also provides a variety of services to customers with nuisance bird problems, wildlife problems, and general and vertebrae pest problems at a variety of locations such as the following:

  • apartment complex
  • shopping centers
  • industrials units
  • railway stations
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • offices
  • historic buildings 
  • churches
  • city properties
  • landfill sites 
  • city agencies
  • school districts
  • property management agencies
  • cementary 
  • golf courses
  • many others

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